Weird proof that influencers DO work

I hear Injectors dismissing influencers.

They’ve been burned by a bad experience and I totally get it.

I’ve been on the wrong side of some dodgy influencer deals in the past too.

But times have changed in influencer land.

Now, being an influencer is a job! They have terms and conditions and a ‘rate card’ for what they charge.

In fact, something weird happened last week that proved just how powerful influencers can be.

I was showcasing some dresses I’d bought from a brand called Atom Label on my Insta stories.

I was raving about how good they were for girls with curvy hips.


A few days later, two of my followers shared that they’d immediately bought a dress from Atom Label too, based off my recommendation.

Bearing in mind these dresses are over £200, that company did pretty well out of a few seconds of my time.

…unpaid I might add

4 tips for influencer marketing

Here’s how to have success with influencer marketing:

1) Get someone who actually loves your treatments.

I was genuinely in love with these dresses and I said as much.

You can search for influencers who like aesthetics on the TikTok Creator Marketplace. It’s free to sign up.

2) Get them to call out your Dream Customer specifically.

I said these dresses were flattering for ladies with curvy hips.

Your influencer could, for example, call out women in their 50s who want lips but are scared of looking done.

3) Find someone who has an audience with your Dream Customers in it.

My audience are mostly women who are roughly my age – perfect for Atom Label.

If you attract 50 years olds, then approach one of the women who is, for example, influential at the golf club.

They don’t even need any followers. You could just pay them for word of mouth referrals.

4) Find someone who has something other than money in it for them.

Money is all good, but there’s usually more going on than that.

I shared about Atom Label because my audience need fresh, fun content every day.

The golf club lady might want to share so that she’s seen as ‘in the know’ about all the best picks in the community.

5) Build a relationship with your influencers over time.

The tighter you are, the more they will want to make the partnership work.

I was mildly miffed when I heard nothing back after I tagged Atom Label.

Just a simple DM saying they appreciated my share would have kept me sweet.

No more free influencer work for them! #diva

Remember loves, all you need is within you now.

Aunty M x