FHL 2023 – Funnel Hacking Live Speaker!

Miranda Pearce FHL speakerOMG OMG OMG…it happened!

I’ve been keeping a big secret……….

Remember how I entered a competition against hundreds of other people to speak in front of 7,000 people at the greatest marketing conference on the planet?

And remember how you guys showed up for me in comments and voted for me in droves?

About that…


You came through for me when I needed it most and…


The truth is I’ve known for a couple of weeks but I had to hide it from you until just now when Russell announced the news.

So I’m going live on Instagram to share all the gossip about how I found out!

Join me on INSTAGRAM >>

Love you guys SO much.

Aunty M x

P.S. I need to share the most important info with you….what I’ll be wearing in front of the 7,000 people Join me on INSTAGRAM >> to find out!