7 secret ways to get more followers

Have you ever done a Reel on Insta that’s RANDOMLY done better than normal?

You’re happy, but you wonder what witchcraft’s at play! ‍♀️

The answer is that the algorithm is showing your post to more people than just your followers.


There are 7 locations on Instagram where this free algo juice gets dished out.

And, if those newbies like what they see in your post, they might just follow you too


1) Location Pages

When users search within the app’s search box they have the chance to click on ‘Places’ and see posts that show them what’s going on locally.

If you’ve tagged your posts in your clinic’s location, chances are good that your post will get found on your town’s page for a short while

2. Hashtag Pages

Very similar principle here, but instead of the page showing users posts relating to a particular location, the hashtag pages show users recent posts that have used a particular hashtag e.g. #lipfillerslondon

This is super useful for you because some of your Dream Customers will literally search by hashtags, a bit like Googling, but Insta style.

If you use the hashtag on your posts that your Dream Customer is searching for, your post should be found on the hashtag page, even if just for a short while. It all helps

3. Explore Page

This is the big one! If your posts make it on the explore page, you’ve hit the algo juice jackpot and you’re likely to get loads of likes, and hopefully some followers too.

The explore page is a buffet selection of posts that Insta suggests to users based on what it knows they like.

If lots of your existing followers engage with your post within the first 15 mins after posting, the algo will think the post is valuable and it’s more likely to put it on the explore page to your non-followers.

4. The Reels Explore Page

This is very much like the main explore page, but it’s in the Reels section of the app, and it’s even more powerful because they just play automatically without the user even clicking.

If your Reel has randomly done well, the algo probably put it on here!

5. Suggested Pages to Follow

Have you ever noticed Insta suggesting pages that you should follow? It happens all over the app.

It’s Insta’s interests to encourage its users to follow people who will provide them value, so they stay on the platform longer.

So, if you build a great relationship with your followers, where you’re educating them, making them laugh etc, and then they engage with your posts/stories/inbox, the algo will suggest to their friends to follow you too

6. Following Hashtags

As you can see above, I follow the hashtag #lipfillerlondon

That’s something users can do to proactively stay in touch with topics they’re interested in.

If a user has followed a hashtag, they no longer have to keep searching for that hashtag, they will just get key posts served up to them on a plate within their feeds.

If lots of your existing followers engage with your post within the first 15 mins after posting, the algo will think the post is valuable and it’s more likely to show it to your non-followers in this way.

7. Tags/Shares

I got 100 followers in 24 hours when the divine Tanya Khan said this about me on a tagged story.

Although I didn’t ask for this, you should DEFO be asking your customers who love their treatment result to tag you in their Insta stories.

Remember loves, all you need is within you now.

Aunty M x