How To Build Your Aesthetics Empire Event

Have you ever wished you had an Aesthetics Fairy Godmother?

Someone who was far enough ahead of you to stop you making mistakes.

But who never judged you for asking ‘silly’ questions.

And who never – and I mean never – rolled their eyes behind your back when you mis-pronounced an artery name.

That hurts, right?

If you don’t currently have a trusted and successful bestie in aesthetics to remind you ‘You’ve got this’…

I have the best possible news.

There’s a NEW gang in town!

The Nurses’ Network.

Although aesthetic nurses Kate, Megan and Grace have very successful clinics now, they wished they’d got there sooner if only someone had told them what really works.

Not just a KOL with success tips.

But someone real who would share their own failures to help others avoid them.

Kate, Megan and Grace decided to BECOME that gang.

They started the Nurses’ Network podcast and were immediately flooded by thousands of questions from injectors hungry for more.

But it wasn’t enough.

For them to really help, the girls knew they needed to get up close and personal with you.

It was time the aesthetics industry got an in-person event about how to grow your business, but with…

❌ Zero cliques

❌ Zero judgement

❌ Zero pressure to be something you’re not

That’s when Kate reached out to me.

She knew I was the perfect person to speak at their event.

But she also knew that I basically say no to all events apart from Julie Horne because I’m very focussed on growing my own business.

So, Kate crossed her fingers and DMed me a shit load of voice notes!

What she didn’t know was that I sensed they were creating something very special.

So, I replied with 8 simple words…

nurses network event

And so the ‘How to Build Your Aesthetic Empire’ conference was born.

Join me, Kate, Megan and Grace on Saturday 27th May in Birmingham to:

  • Unlock the latest marketing strategies that will attract new clients to your business and use your unique brand personality to make the competition irrelevant!
  • Learn the simple steps the girls used to generate multiple income streams, so that your business is less exposed to risk.
  • Avoid the costly purchasing mistakes the girls made by getting their insider knowledge on what machines are actually the most profitable and will keep patients coming back for more.
  • To Level 7 or not to Level 7? Hear the girls’ invaluable insights on the best next step for your aesthetics career, and avoid painful regret by learning the secret to choosing your next training properly.


But that’s not all.

There will also be help on hand if you’re thinking of going for CQC or VAT registration…not sexy but us Biz Queens and Kings gotta have these conversations, right?!

And of course, there will be goodie bags, a yummy lunch, bubbly at the end and mostly importantly….SELFIES AND HUGS!

*Well, I don’t know if other people are giving out hugs, but I definitely am!*

There’s only one problem.

Ticket prices are going up soon

Make sure you get your ticket ASAP >>>

And I’ll be seeing you IRL next month!

Hugs and selfies,

Aunty M x

P.S. All healthcare professionals are welcome, not just nurses. Grab your ticket HERE >>