Which social media platform is best for aesthetics?

social media platformsHere’s a slightly controversial answer to the question I keep getting asked…

Which social media platform I should start with for my aesthetics biz: Facebook, Instagram or TikTok?

Here’s what the gurus would say:

Find out where your target audience hangs out, then make content there.

Here’s my answer:

Start with the platform YOU hang out on.

3 simple reasons why you should use the platform you hang out on:

  1. Most likely you are pretty similar to your dream customer because: people like people who are like them.
    So it’s a fairly safe bet you are likely to enjoy the same hang outs.
  2. Let’s be honest, the platforms are all pretty similar these days, so if you make Instagram Reels, you should also upload them to TikTok and Facebook Reels.
    In my real-world experience of working with hundreds of busy Injectors, the time/effort it takes to make totally unique content for all 3 platforms is not worth the risk that you’ll get overwhelmed and do nothing.
    Don’t overthink it, loves.
  3. If you enjoy consuming content on one platform, you’re more likely to take action.
    You’ll get daily inspiration, and will be braver to just have a go.

Because, here’s the truth no one talks about.

By faaaar the biggest thing that holds you back from smashing your social media is:

Over-thinking and second-guessing yourself, which leads to you not showing up.

If you feel conformable on a platform, just GO FOR IT

Remember, all you need is within you now.

Aunty M x

P.S. I would just add that the opportunity to go viral on TikTok is massive at the moment. It’s happened to me a few times and it’s a pretty special feeling. Come and follow me HERE to see how I’m doing it.