Get more followers by changing 5 words

If a famous Injector posted on social media that someone called his wife ugly, what would be the first thing you’d do?

There’s only one logical thing to do 

‍♀️ Head straight over to her profile to see if she actually is ugly!

That’s what happened in November 2020.

After a hater called me ugly and Tim posted about it, everyone rushed over to my profile to look

What happened next was magical…

I got dozens of new followers!


It wasn’t because I’m Tim’s wife.

That’s not worthy of a precious follow.

It was because, when they got to my profile, they found this:



You see, the majority of your Instagram profiles make the massive mistake of stating what you do.

But your audience don’t care what you do.

…unless it’s going to help them.

The first line of your bio needs to explicitly say what’s in it for them to follow you.

  • Are you giving daily skincare tips?
  • Are you helping them cut through the confusion and get honest advice about aesthetics?
  • Are you helping them discover their inner confidence?
  • Are you helping them build self-love?

caring statement

Whatever you put on that first line of your bio, remember the above quote….


You are not Luke Skywalker.

You are not the hero.

Your audience is the hero.

You are Yoda! You are the expert guide helping them to become the hero of their own story.

You can credential yourself later in the bio.

Go and change the first line of your bio immediately while you think about it.

Hope that helps, treasures.

Remember, all you need is within you now.

Aunty M x

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