Why you need a Portfolio Clinic

If you’re struggling to get back on the marketing horse this January, you’re gunna wanna see this.

It’s a secret confidence hack that almost no one is using.

And it’s free….in fact, you’ll get paid while you do it!

You need a Portfolio Clinic

Portfolio Clinic is just a posh name for a model day where you will get:

  • An immediate confidence boost
  • A batch of before and after pictures to promote your business

But where do you find the models and how much should you charge?

portfolio clinic guide marketing template

That’s all covered in the attached PDF Guide (it’s free).

I also asked my Graphic Designer Chloe to create a fully customisable promotional brochure so you can display your portfolio of work to patients.

It would normally cost at least £100 to get a brochure designed, but it’s free HERE >>

Remember, all you need is within you now.

Aunty M x